I’m a Charleston and Buffalo-based, Luxury Wedding, Elopement + Portrait Photographer documenting authentic love stories + amazing seniors worldwide.

With 12 years of professional photography experience and 25+ years as a gymnastics and cheerleading coach, I understand movement. Which means, I understand the body and how to direct you to look your best (as individuals, couples and families)...and I'll make sure we have fun during our time together! Promise!

Hey friend! I'm Kristy

My Story

There's only one YOU, and that's worth celebrating!

Love, Kristy

I'm married to my amazing husband, Peter, a Mom to 3 incredible kids (Shelby, PJ and Dylan) and two of the most adorable dogs around (Archie and Tucker)! I'm originally from Buffalo, NY but currently reside in stunning Charleston, SC.  We love it here!

Traveling is a huge passion of mine! There is beauty all around and so much to explore. I've shot from coast to coast and all around the world! Italy, Greece, Hawaii, France and the Caribbean are on the top of my list! Let me know if you're getting married there. I have a special offer for you! Whether you're getting married or want to book a session locally in Charleston, WNY or anywhere around the world, I'm just a drive, flight or passport away!
I'm here to document your unique story in the most artistic, authentic way!  I keep my shoots light and fun, all while capturing you at your most flattering angles. I'll fully direct you every step of the way! You'll never wonder what to do, how to stand, whether to smile, or where to put your hands. I give tons of prompts so that your images look and feel natural because they will be!  You'll wind up laughing, smiling and more based on the directions I give you. Don't worry, I always capture all of the candid, in between moments too!

I'm a huge movie person! I watch tons of movies and shows while I edit so be sure to share your favorites with me and I'd add them to my rotation! I'm also a foodie. You'll catch me and my family checking out new spots every chance we get! I'm excited to get to know you and make you look and feel your absolute best!


"My goal is to always create images that make you feel. Images that truly represent YOUR story and showcase your love" 

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